The Don Quixote of the lost children

12 Aug
Micah's DNA

Micah’s DNA (Photo credit: micahb37)


DNA (Photo credit: Gravitywave)

Dr José A Lorente is a scientist specialized in forensic genetics. His career shifted toward an humanitarian mission when he travelled for the needs of an enquiry in Peru as it is stated by Suzanne Daley in her column written in the August 4-5 edition of the International Herald Tribune.
Looking at the stray children in the streets of Lima he wondered if his science could help.
And now his best reward, although he has had identified the remains of more greater people like Christopher Columbus and Simon Bolivar, is to see the gratitude in the eyes of a mother whose stolen baby daughter he has helped to find. Dr Lorente concludes: “you don’t make money at this, but you do feel proud” report the journalist.

His foundation DNA-Prokids furnishes for free DNA identifying kits to countries willing to fix the problem of stray children in the streets and lacking from financial resources.


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