30 May



let me catch my breath, she says

I can’t breathe

her brow is folded into deep furrows

like ancient river beds curved over time

 revealing the frustration with an old body

once so familiar and resilient

that now simply fails to take care of the basics

like breathing

and balance…knowing where the earth lies


I also see the fear

as her hands reach up to her head

grasping for comfort or fending off the overwhelming onslaught

of questions and concerns and suggestions and pleas for her to just try

just try to accept this wearing down of time

as if I can know how she really feels

or what it’s like to become acquainted with so few remaining months, weeks, maybe days

I can only offer my presence and attention

not to say, oh I know…because I don’t

but to simply be there, listening

letting her say all…

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