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Blogs are growing faster than Facebook

15 Mar

Blogs are growing faster than Facebook

They are now 181 Million (while they were only 36 Million in 2006).

Sad Kiani

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Number of blogs tracked by NM Incite, from October 2006 to October 2011

In blogging, small is beautiful: indeed, my blog is small enough not to be bothered by having comments to delete or to moderate nor being invaded by a huge amount of censorship work (in fact I receive a very low amount of comments). In that sense a blog with a confidential audience is very easy to manage!

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Social media

26 Sep
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Are you ready to go with social media?

In a view questions the psychologist Suzan Giurleo PhD diagnoses your ability to use social media as a health care provider.

Organizations that ban their physicians from using social media have more to lose than to win in the long run says Kevin Pho MD, an internal medicine physician.

Physicians in the social media space give their institution a trustworthiness online. If the institution wants to protect it self  from any risk it can demand to the physician to state, in his mission statement for example, that his views do not engage necessarily the institution and is not the reflects of the institution policy.


30 Aug

Pharmaceutical firms as well as Big Health Insurance companies are afraid of comments on their Facebook pages. Pharmaceutical firms close their Facebook account and Health care insurers don’t even dare to open one, because they are reluctant to angry comments from their enrollees. We advise them: don’t fear Facebook, learn to use it.

But organizations, like Pharmaceutical firms and Health Insurance companies are, believe deeply in hierarchical links while Facebook don’t even know the meaning of the word “hierarchy”. Facebook produces typically horizontal linkages.

These organizations prefer undertake expansive opinion polls or surveys on random sample of customers whereas reading Facebook comments should have given them, if well analysed, the appropriate qualitative information they were searching for.

But that’s the way the world goes!

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