And yet it warms

12 Aug
Galileo Galilei / 1564 - 1642

Galileo Galilei / 1564 – 1642 (Photo credit: *The Boy From Cerrado)

And yet it moves.
(Galileo Galilei, June 22nd 1633)
Paraphrasing the famous quote attributed to Galileo in the 17th century, another physicist, Richard A Muller could confess ” and yet it warms”, thinking of the same object: our mother earth.
During the recent years scientists have harshly debated to know if the global warming was a reality or a myth (by the lifetime of Galileo it should have been called an heresy). Data mining and crunching the figures, the Professor of the University of California, Berkeley, a former tenant of the non warming camp, changed his mind when he analyzed the shapes of the various curbs he obtained from a chronological series of temperatures making a jump back in time of 250 years.
He disseminated those results in free access scientific journals and on line at, one thing Galileo could not do In his Time, unfortunately for him and his crazy idea that the hearth was moving (as crazy as saying that it is warming).
You can also read the press release for the lay public written by Prof. Richard A Muller in the July 30th edition of the IHT in France.


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