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A speech on Gross National Happiness in Berlin

2 Dec

My cousin Tho gave a talk in Berlin about the GNH paradigm: what it is, but also what it is not (eg an Happy Hippy Land). The key, take home message is: to overcome the suffering, to adopt a non dual attitude and to engage in a systematic approach in economics taking into account not only the individual but also his environment and the other living beings. Tho intervenes just after Julia Kim, the representative of UNICEF.

PGF2012: Gross National Happiness (GNH) from Presencing Institute on Vimeo.


The footprint of America

14 Oct

The footprint of America is strong worldwide; be it during wartime or peacetime. And childs are among the most impressionable receptors.



Photo credit (in that order)


Health services in Buthan

28 Jul
Bhoutan Bhutan

Bhoutan Bhutan (Photo credit: francis deport)

Taktsang monastery

Taktsang monastery (Photo credit: Marina & Enrique)

According to my Cousin now traveling in Buthan the health services there would be entirely free of charges, even for the foreign visitors. If it reveals to be the reality, congratulation to the official authorities of Buthan for this important vested social security advantage. Thus France would not be the only system in which health services are free of charge for the needy people.

you can see the description of a visit to a buthaneese hospital in the diary of her trip my cousin is writing here:

A trip in Buthan

19 May

If you wish to follow the journey of my cousin in Buthan click here.

As a former head of education services at the international red cross committee in Geneva, he has been hired by the King of Buthan and his Prime minister to coordinate a mission at an international level to promote the Buthan’s Gross national Happiness policy.

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