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Sunshine act

21 Sep

France is implementing the equivalent of the Sunshine act contained in the US affordable care act. Physicians will risk to be sued if they don’t disclose their links of interest with industry, would they work for medical research or continuous medical education. The spirit is US imported because French have been until now very reluctant to speak about money and revenues. In an earlier post entitled “Dollars for docs” we have discussed the way American deal with it: a total accountability.  But it is not a desperate case for the French touch: the law includes a welcomed exception:  “normal working relationships” (relations normales de travail) should fall out of the scope of the law . Further more, last but not least, by which mean the disclosed links will be published is not fixed for the moment. The journalist of “Policy and Medicine” concludes his article with this wise sentence, reflecting his deep knowledge of France: “The French are not known for such drastic measures, it is almost certain that whatever they adopt will be changed to a form that works best in the French system. ”

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side effects of comparative effectiveness research

25 May

A financial revue publish a report stating that Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) would be a brake for innovation and therefore could costs years of lost life to the entire population.  Comments on this article say there is a conflict of interest because authors are funded by big pharma firms. An other comments states that in the opposite CER enhance the level of research and development and puts in the front-side the young entrepreneurial pharmaceutical start-up;  an interesting debate:


COI (Conflicts Of Interest)

24 May

The COI are very important cause for concern to consider for authors, but also for administrative authority.  For exemple the french High Authorithie in Health (Haute Autorité de Santé) retracted recently two recommendations on diabetes mellitus and alzheimer disease because of absence of COI declaration by authors of these recommendations:




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