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Work related mental disorder

29 Sep
Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress.

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Work related mental disorder can be recognized either under the accident at work compensation scheme or the occupational disease compensation scheme said the last report of the European Forum of Insurances against Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases dated February 2004.

Voluntary Violence at the workplace become more and more at stake. For example retail trades, often paid in cash, are targeted with weapons. This result in a long duration work loss for post traumatic stress disorder, and an increase  of daily compensation wages for health insurance funds. In an other hand, burn out caused by work overload  is also often seen, with a similar result of work related mental disorder.


Sexual Assault

4 Sep

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At least 13% of women [1, 2] have been a victim at least once in her lifetime of a sexual assault according to a large population-based survey. This figure looks really tremendous. Steps of medical procedure to be followed, from forensic inquiry to pregnancy prevention and infection prophylaxis, are described in an interesting article published by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Luckily, a lot off people around the world struggle against all forms of gender based voluntary violence. It is evidence that a good relation in the couple is a warrant of a sound mental health for both parts: the man and the woman. Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation contributes to spread the awareness of this evidence in India.

But they are not the solely organisations on the ground. Plenty of associations or foundations have yet undertaken the battle consisting in modifying the male’s role in violence against women and children. Below are presented the links to their websites worlwide:






1-Rape in America: a report to the nation. Arlington, VA: National Victim Center, 1992.

2-Tjaden PG, Thoennes N. Extent, nature, and consequences of rape victimization: findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey. Washington, DC: National Institute of Justice, 2006. (NCJ 210346.)

UK charges a French big pharma

27 Jun

The United Kingdom charges a lawsuit against our national laboratory Servier for having abused of a dominant position to protect it’s perindopril blud pressure drug. The State attorney claims for 2 hundred Million. This affair seems to be a follow up of an antitrust inquiry conducted by European commission. The pharmalot website published a post about this lawsuit.

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