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Health Policy Analysis Institutes: India, Thailand, and Vietnam Case Studies

11 Dec

Each country, especially the emerging ones, have to back their health policy on the evidence brought by the research focused on health systems in order to implement  sound, balanced health services for their citizens. Thailand Vietnam and India present in the video below their national institutes devoted to health systems research.



Anger or gratefulness it’s up to you

15 Aug

Gratefulness could be the best way to happiness and to avoid child’s mental health problems in case of a pathogenic infancy. In France our psychologists developed the concept of resilience. Anglo-Saxon world put the accent on gratefulness as a tool for resilience, paving the way for the happening of a state of mind conducive to happiness. Listen to how Nancy Floy, an acupuncturist from Chicago, got through a very difficult childhood thank to her grand mother’s teaching of gratefulness for yet being still alive after a night of alcoholic chaos perpetrated by her own genitors.
Gratefulness is a very good way of conducting once life, don’t you think? Anyway my three dogs already behave according to this precept: they manifest energetically their joy, eyes full of gratefulness whatever the littlest good I do for them (like for example just giving them a little cup of water when they are thirsty, or appearing in the evening after a full day of absence, nothing more than that makes them very happy 😉

Thanks to the media HUMANKIND for broadcasting such interesting programs.

The interview of Nancy Floy

The public radio HUMANKIND.

How to filter only structured abstract in Pubmed?

4 Aug

It is as simple as typing the word “hasstructuredabstract” in the research box of Pubmed, followed by the search terms you are intending to use for implementing your bibliography.

20 million PubMed papers can't be wrong

20 million PubMed papers can’t be wrong (Photo credit: dullhunk)

Thus all the references you will retrieve will be automatically associated with a structured abstract shaped with the useful usual labelled sections (eg: introduction, method results and conclusion). The references without such a structured summary will be eliminated from your research.

This word hasstructuredabstract makes me think of the word abracadabra another magical word 😉

More content here:


Dogs enhance the immunity system in children

21 Jul


I cannot resist to post those two links toward scientific articles with the aim of giving a little advertisement for the benefit of our four legs companions!


Reference: Hölscher B, Frye C, Wichmann HE, Heinrich J. Exposure to pets and allergies in children. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology. 2002;13(5):334-341. Available from: http://dx.doi.org/10.1034/j.1399-3038.2002.02063.x.


Reference: Bergroth E, Remes S, Pekkanen J, Kauppila T, Büchele G, Keski-Nisula L. Respiratory Tract Illnesses During the First Year of Life: Effect of Dog and Cat Contacts. Pediatrics. 2012 Jul;Available from: http://dx.doi.org/10.1542/peds.2011-2825.



Dogs like humans are wired to run

27 May

As we do, dogs experience a « runner’s high » i.e. a jump of their endocannabinoid blood level after running.

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It appears that we and our dogs are wired to run, a scientist says, as a consequence of the brain production of endocannabinoid that triggers our shared appetite for running.
Prof Raichlen and colleagues wanted to “to test the hypothesis that neurobiological rewards are linked to high-intensity exercise in cursorial mammals” (quoted). Their results just confirmed their hypothesis: “We show that humans and dogs share significantly increased exercise-induced eCB signaling following high-intensity endurance running” (quoted).

There are many similarities between the dogs and us, beside being mammals, loving our babies, loving to play (especially with balls or balloons), having a great sense of property, we also share, as I just have discovered it, thanks to Professor David Raichlen, the delights of the runner’s high.

As for us, human beings, running is for dogs a necessity, be it for hunting and chasing their prey or fleeing a danger such as a mightier predator.

So the evolution made the fact of running a real pleasure for our two species using for that purpose a little molecule secreted by our brain: the endocannabinoid. It acts as a reward for the individuals who manage to train and maintain their running capacities.

Professor Raichlen’s merit, as an anthropologist, stands in the fact that he demonstrates the phenomenon is not a human specificity but exists also for some other mammals close to us like dogs. (Note that non cursorial mammals like ferrets are excluded from this encouraging, rewarding mechanism).

Photos credits and writting by Philippe Ha-Vinh

More information and content:


Raichlen DA, Foster AD, Gerdeman GL, Seillier A, Giuffrida A. Wired to run: exercise-induced endocannabinoid signaling in humans and cursorial mammals with implications for the ‘runner’s high’. The Journal of experimental biology. 2012 Apr;215(Pt 8):1331-1336. Available from: http://dx.doi.org/10.1242/jeb.063677.

French drugmaker on trial

15 May

Until now the pharmaceutical enterprises in France were spared by lawyers and plaintiffs.

i take drugs

i take drugs (Photo credit: the|G|™)

On its side the French State, instead of launching lawsuits as many States of North America did, preferred on one hand to raise public taxes based on the pharmaceutical industry’s revenues and on the other hand to regulate heavily the prices of the drugs approved for the French market. But recently the trend changed. And the consumers now ask to civil or penal courts to evaluate the damages they think they have been victim of. And more than that, the state is held for responsible in the mind of many citizens for not having asked the trial to be held before.
The risk of such trials, if they lead to plenty of punitive verdicts against the pharmaceutical firms is the future increases of the prices of medicines (because no enterprise can afford itself to lose money at the end of the day).

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French drugmaker on trial over weight-loss pill

Homeopathy will continue to be reimbursed in Switzerland

30 Apr

Following the favorable conclusions of a health Technology Assessment report the Swiss mandatory health care reimbursement fund will continue to reimburse some alternative medicines such as homeopathy alongside with phytotherapy, neural therapy, anthroposophically extended medicine and traditional Chinese medicine – phytotherapy.


switzerland (Photo credit: siette)

The design of some analysis implemented for arguing the report does not compare the results of a therapy but it only compares the individuals who were included in. And everybody already knew that individuals who trust homeopathy and parallel medicine are, at baseline and by their simple way of life, in a better shape and have less bad conditions than individuals who do not attach importance to this kind of medicine.

More contents:

1) The Swiss government report:


2) A blog advocating for homeopathy and as it was foreseeable quoting abundantly the Swiss governmental report :



The runaway jury by John Grisham

22 Apr

How the tobacco companies handle the lawsuits they are charged with.

If you want to discover how the tobacco companies (and not the weapon manufacturers like in the movie) handle the lawsuits they are charged with in the USA read the tremendous awesome paperback book entitled The runaway jury written by John Grisham.
Millions of dollars are spent in the unique goal not to be convinced with the charge of manufacturing an unhealthy addictive product. And the companies managed to reach their goal. The jury selection ending with twelve jurors selected from a group of more than a hundred persons with the key advices of psychological experts working for both parties (defendant and victim) is in itself astonishing. But it’s only the beginning, after that comes the methods to influence the jurors such as buying the whole nation wide store company that posses the local store in which one of the juror is a seller. This book made me think a lot of the David against Goliath struggle undertaken by Dr Braillon in France. I have not yet see the movie but I really enjoyed reading the book.
Beside why the film producer has replace the tobacco companies by the riffle manufacturer companies? Has he received any pressure, hasn’t he?

More content:

Politique de lutte contre le tabagisme en France: De la guerre au compromis et à la collaboration.
Alain Braillon (a), Anne-Sophie Mereau (b) et Gérard Dubois (b)


Braillon A, Dubois G. TOBACCO CONTROL: UP IN SMOKE IN EUROPE? Addiction. 2012;107(5):1016-1017. Available from: http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1360-0443.2012.03797.x.

Letters to the Editor:
Searching for an Indicator of the Influence of the Tobacco Lobby on Politicians
Alain Braillon, MD, PhD
Amiens, France

Californian court rules nurses can give anesthetics

4 Apr

Nurse Anesthetists Do Not Need Doctor Supervision according to Schwartzy

nurse anesthetist students at UH

nurse anesthetist students at UH (Photo credit: UMDNJ School of Nursing)

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arnold Schwarzenegger, LA, USA

Arnold Schwarzenegger, LA, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austria origin actor, the state of California is now in quasi bankruptcy while the richest of its citizens are more and more rich and the others are very poor, even homeless. This is a good example of what might become Europe if the ongoing right-wing policy is to be continued.

A solution that the CEOs and health care policy makers have found to cut spendings in hospital cares is to let nurses make the job of medical doctors. It is particularly frightening when it happens that those doctors in question who have been replaced by nurses are the anaesthetists.
Will the next step be to replace pilots by hostesses in Californian airplanes?

Well spending cuts is now directly threatening the patient health in the aim to protect the tax payer wealth!

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European Union of Medicine in Assurance and Social Security

25 Mar

Social Security Challenges in Europe

I’m very glad to announce to my readers that an abstract that I have proposed with my colleagues has been accepted and is for now enlisted in the tentative program updated the 12th March 2012. The nineteenth Congress of the European Union of Medicine in Assurance and Social Security will stand this year from the 14th to the 16th of June in Padova, Italia.

The topic will be: Social Security Challenges in Europe and the spectrum of the themes addressed is large:

  1. Population and work force challenges in Europe
  2. A healthy worker in a healthy workplace
  3. Evidence based benefit decisions
  4. Return to work: what works?
  5. The influence of e-health on healthcare


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