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Californian court rules nurses can give anesthetics

4 Apr

Nurse Anesthetists Do Not Need Doctor Supervision according to Schwartzy

nurse anesthetist students at UH

nurse anesthetist students at UH (Photo credit: UMDNJ School of Nursing)

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arnold Schwarzenegger, LA, USA

Arnold Schwarzenegger, LA, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austria origin actor, the state of California is now in quasi bankruptcy while the richest of its citizens are more and more rich and the others are very poor, even homeless. This is a good example of what might become Europe if the ongoing right-wing policy is to be continued.

A solution that the CEOs and health care policy makers have found to cut spendings in hospital cares is to let nurses make the job of medical doctors. It is particularly frightening when it happens that those doctors in question who have been replaced by nurses are the anaesthetists.
Will the next step be to replace pilots by hostesses in Californian airplanes?

Well spending cuts is now directly threatening the patient health in the aim to protect the tax payer wealth!

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Never say “pain meds”

23 Feb

Never say “pain meds” on the phone in an Emergency Call for a on call Physician in California.

It's a Emergency Call Device Sign

It's a Emergency Call Device Sign (Photo credit: Rantz)

I underwent the same back pain emergency in Marseille, France I related here.


As last night unfolded, I knew I would eventually blog about it.

After a long holiday weekend, James and I were doing a bit of leisurely shore line fishing. While we were packing up, James exited his truck and BAM! He immediately felt a sharp pain in his back. This isn’t the first time, but it had been a little while since such a severe flare-up. With this, we promptly went home and applied all the home remedies we knew. Heat, rest, ibuprofen.

James’ back was no better in the morning. After dealing with it for the majority of the day, he made the decision to call his doctor.

It was 6:15 p.m.

After hours.

With the on-call physician answering service phone number safely in hand, he dialed.

“Hi, my name is James, and I’d like to speak to the doctor on call regarding possible pain meds for some pretty…

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Dogs are crazy when they are playing with a ball

18 Feb

That’s why I love them!  But as you know I’m a crazy  dog person…

“Images represented by TandemStock.com“

via “Ruff Water” – Los Angeles, CA – Seth Casteel – Featured Photographer.

Such a commitment for a simple piece of plastic will always astonish me. They live their life fully with no half measure, especially when it comes to toys and swimming pools.

Credit for these amazing pictures:


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Prison valley

27 Nov

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Prison valley, posted with vodpod

Professor Patrick Morvan tell us in his blog that in the State of California, there are 50 death per year motivated by a lack of health care and that up to 700 prisoners are enlisted in a waiting list to attend a Doctor visit.
In France an author, Dr Véronique Vasseur,had published a book, on the subject that is very similar with the problem faced in California.
The prison industry is not exposed to unemployment during times of economic crisis but prisoner’s access to health care is a real public health issue!

You can access to the entire free movie entitled Prison Valley by clicking here.

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