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No time to blog

29 Jun

Plenty of work, as always in June,  those days, makes me unable to write on my blog. I beg your pardon.

One good new although: one paper in which I participated as an author was accepted, you can read it here (in French)
Kindly yours

The great enemy

22 Apr

The great enemy of clear language is insincerity.

— George Orwell, “Politics and the English Language”

Reproduced with the courtesy of the

University Writing Center

Here is the post I copied in their blog.

cross over intervention study by Céline

21 Apr

An example of cross over intervention study: when Semelweiss exchanged medical students for midwives in two maternity services of Vienna Hospital the exceeding puerperal fever mortality rates  followed the students (who have made dissections of corpses a few time before and didn’t wash their hands). A great epidemiology study 50 years before Pasteur. Semelweiss published his article “aetiology of puerperal fever”  in 1861 which is considered as the seminal work for antiseptie.

But his colleagues rejected his findings making thousands of unnecessary death of young womens across Europe with terrible sufferings. The remorse of being rejected and the sorrow of staying powerless facing his coleagues’ rejection of his findings and ignorance caused the death from madness of Semelweiss in a asylum.

Céline wrote:”Nothing is free here on earth. Everything must be punished in return, the good actions as the evil ones, sooner or later. In case of good action the punishment  is more severe necessarily”

A very great book, all health services searchers should read:



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