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Dogs invest in affection, not in financial assets

9 Apr

Can we judge the moral degree of a man by the way he treat an animal?

These photographs testify that a master can be poor financially but very rich viewed by  his pet. The loyalty of the heart of their dog is their only  and most precious good.  If we trust what Gandhi said [1] we can state that those three men in the photographs, although facing the highest distress, managed to maintain a high degree of moral values.

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[1] ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress

can be judged by the ways its animals are treated

~ Mahatma Gandhi’

(1869-1948. Spiritual leader of India)

Other quotations on animal welfare are available here and further comments on the Mahatma Gandhi sentence here


the outburst of spring

1 Apr

The lilac has just erupted with flowers on my balcony.
Bees are flying all around. The cherry tree is also in flower. Smell like spring is really on time this year! And the Cockers participate to the fest, as always, enthusiastically.
The cycle of the year is reaching a summit in April in my view.

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The pit bull puppy and the McDonalds Ad Campaign

20 Feb

The pit bull puppy and the McDonald’s Ad Campaign

Fortunately, in France, thank to the action of the cometscorners blogger, we have not assisted to the broadcast of such a shameful advertising campaign. To distrust a breed with regard to dogs or a race with regard to humans proceeds from the same misjudgment. Individual characteristics should always prevail on breed or race characteristics.


Have just seen this and thought we would make you aware also – I am disgusted!!

And here is this mornings response to it as seen in my Facebook newsfeed:

I believe the ad has now been pulled after much outrage and complaint!!

Please visit our online pet accessories store Comets Corners for more details on how we – and you – can help! For every sale we make, at least 10% of our proceeds goes to our chosen animal welfare charity or organisation of the month!


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Dogs are crazy when they are playing with a ball

18 Feb

That’s why I love them!  But as you know I’m a crazy  dog person…

“Images represented by TandemStock.com“

via “Ruff Water” – Los Angeles, CA – Seth Casteel – Featured Photographer.

Such a commitment for a simple piece of plastic will always astonish me. They live their life fully with no half measure, especially when it comes to toys and swimming pools.

Credit for these amazing pictures:


see more at their post here:


More pictures available here:



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