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Controversy between first French lab and FDA

31 May

A controversy about efficacy and safety with respect to immunogenicity and potential adverse effects of generics of low molecular weight heparin and lovenox the brand product is rising between Food and Drug Administration and Sanofi our first French pharmaceutical firm. Its a struggle for life for the French block buster.

American senate accuses French lab to spent a lot of money and to have financial ties with an american scientist and a medical society who alerted on the possibility of non equivalence between the generic and the brand product.

Dr Tapson cited in the Wall Street Journal is a Professor of medicine consultant for Aventis

God bless america

30 May

In the United States it is usual that in addition to the traditional basic safety screening questions asked by a family practitioner to he’s patient: (do you smoke, do you take alcohol, do you take drugs…) a relevant supplementary question (here is the difference with a French practitioner) is “do you keep a gun at home?“.

Fortunately states laws will take corrective measures against this insane investigation in Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and West Virginia.

A Medical practitioner must heel bullets injuries not ask question…

The National Physician Alliance published the top 5list of actions in primary care to enhance cost effectiveness in the archives of internal medicine (see our post entitled no is beautiful)

They recommends an unbranded doctor attitude with a lot of funny pins for sell

“NO” is beautiful.

26 May

In the United States a working group named “the good stewardship working group” published on line on the Archives of Internal medicine an interesting article about 5 top recommendations about primary care activities that, if applied, should enhance security, cost-effectiveness and efficacy in ambulatory cares. Curiously the five top recommendations begin by “no”!!!!

1. No MRI or other imaging tests for low back pain, unless it has persisted longer than six weks or there are red flags, such as neurological problems.
2. No antibiotics for mild to moderate sinusitis, unless it has lasted a week or longer. Or the condition worsens after first getting better.
3. No annual electrocardiograms for low-risk patients without cardiac symptoms.
4. No Pap tests in patients under 21, or women who’ve had hysterectomies for non-malignant disease.
5. No bone scans for women under 65 or men under 70, unless they have specific risk factors.

We are thanskfull to Kaiser Health New   KHN logo blue who signaled us this paper.

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