Violence and categories

29 Nov
We should not anymore talk about, or show violence in terms of, (or focusing on) the category that the perpetrator of the offense belongs to (eg male vs woman, Jew vs Palestinian, terrorist vs citizen, human vs animal and so on). Because it only aggravates the hate and further divides humankind or sentient beings. Instead of being reduced to categories violence must be shown only as a sin or an offense and a crime each individual should refrain to commit even under certain attenuating circumstances (bad education, unhappy childhood, fear, anger, prior offense …) and everybody should be warned against committing it no mater the category one belongs to (see categories above: female or male and so on..). This kind of perspective aggravates in my view and enlarges the gap between individuals by tacitly defining the perpetrator as a “category” broadly speaking. Hurting someone has nothing to do with the category one belongs to, it is above such a consideration and is an absolute interdict (the bible cites only the neighbor as the unique category encompassing all other categories). If not categories could be used as an excuse or at least an explanation in the mind for the perpetrators. Our modern societies should go one step beyond by denouncing violence against fellow human at large or, even more, against sentient beings at large, without doing anymore any categories in the discourse by doing that.



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