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Go beyond your comfort zone

16 Sep

Congratulation to the French climber Arnaud Petit who enhanced the difficulty of the route by jumping over the secured anchorages, putting in place himself his own protections by the mean of nuts in the cracks of the cliff. In case of à fall the distance will be two times the length since the last anchoring point (which itself is not 100 percent safe). The cold blood that is needed to do such a performance is amazing. At the end of the day it was is most inspiring experience of his climber’s career. Don’t do this unless you were as experienced as Arnaud Petit is.


Jumping the Eiger Wand

16 Mar

Never done before !

English: graph of female vs. male life expecta...

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In one of my last blog post I advised how to live longer. But after all some individuals prefer a shorter but more intense life as we will see in this post. A courageous German experiments a new way of being insured while climbing a big wall: it consists in carrying in his back bag a parachute. It is as simple as that. How it can be that nobody had thought of that before?
But the method could be more risky than it appears at first glance: what about the first hundred meters of climbing which is, I recall, the distance needed for a parachute to open correctly? To say it shortly, this man has a shorter life expectancy but a hell more intense way of living it as I said in the beginning. When I look at this sort of guy I feel in my deep inside a feeling of a mixture of envy (what a life!) and pity (the continuing proximity of death!). But isn’t this mixture the basement of our human condition: the conscientiousness of the possibility of our own end?
But enough of philosophy, enjoy this amazing movies!

La rambla third ascent, dream catcher first ascent

29 May

Concise clear complete: the third ascent of  la rambla by chris sharma a Californian climber is like research: multiple attempts in unknown territories with each time a defeat and one successful push that makes mankind going one step beyond. Chris did also the first ascent of dream catcher.

they call it a “route”

15 May

Wolfgang Gullich made Action directe first ascent in september 1991. He died one year after in a traffic accident in the  summer of 1992. Since only eleven persons repeated the “route”. This video shows the third ascent in june 7 2000 by Iker Pou:



23 Apr

this is named speed climbing

Eiger north face in 2 hours and 47 minutes…. amazing:


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