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Religion and the Open Society Symposium

14 Dec

What went first in the history of humanity: the religion or the politics? Like the chicken and egg question, nobody knows. And today also it is obvious that the entanglement of those two domains which highly influence the future and the past of humankind is worth to be discussed by some high level intellectuals (professors and writers) in the three conferences referenced below with their Internet link.






charter for compassion

2 Dec

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Tho Ha-Vinh, posted with vodpod

Compassion is a force more powerful than religions, politic, economy, finance and military violence altogether. This force unifies humans being across the world by leading them to forget the word  “I” and to replace it by “us”  or more precisely “you”. You can listen to more talks about compassion here. The spread of the charter all over the world is featured in this video. The three major religions have included compassion as a golden rule in their scriptures.

The true involvement of a member of our family into the charter of compassion makes us feel pride.

religiosity and health

14 Nov

Image by Rickydavid via Flickr

Religion Improves Health?

Persons attending religious services are less depressed and have an higher longevity than those who do not.
This association between religiosity and health has been discovered by the analysis of the women’s health initiative study, the same study which discovered the link between post menopausal hormonal replacement therapy and breast cancer. But the first association was far less broadcasted in the media than the latest. 92,395 women were followed during an average of 7,7 years to obtain this non surprising result: believing in god could increase the well-being, at least for women.
The trend is discussed in two other blogs:



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