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The neuroscience of meditation

16 Dec

Life is a permanent flow: one has to let go the past and present in order to authorize freely the next event of one’s life to happen. If not, a damp will interrupt the flow, which is not a good thing from a sound and balanced living perspective.

One has to live a life which is intrinsically ever changing, and thus which is anxiety provoking.

The only thing that is permanent is one’s awareness of being present in the present moment, which by itself is a blessing one should be grateful for .
At that point meditation, wether by focusing on an action like breathing or walking or by observing with detachment the course of our thoughts and feelings created by our mind or by exercising compassion and loving kindness towards other sentient beings can be of some help.

By the way it has been demonstrated by neuro-scientists that meditation modifies the way the brain functions and even the size of some brain regions.

I read an article on this subject in the November 2014 edition of the journal Scientific American entitled Mind of the Meditator, authored by Mathieux Ricard a Buddhist Monk, Antoine Lutz a research scientist at the Frenh National Institute of Health and Medical Research and Richard J Davidson from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

They conclude that
even with the requisite cautions, research on meditation provides new insights into methods of mental training that have the potential to enhance human health and well-being”

We are all care givers

6 Feb

Kindness revolution is forthcoming: everyone can easily take care of his congener.

No need for that to be a health care professional or a health services specialist. To heal people consists also in the fact of taking care of them and being receptive to their instant needs.
Be a daily care giver on the Noah’s Ark our world is becoming more and more. This attitude does not necessitate any medical knowledge at all. So from now on you should put your life vest of kindness on; wearing it will act like a boomerang and bring happiness to yourselves.

Share this video with a maximum of persons and ONE DAY it will become the real world.

My cousins

2 Dec

I am very proud of my cousins, yesterday I reported the commitment of my cousin Tho in the charter of compensation project. And meanwhile during the night when I was asleep I remembered than my cousin Lydie had also devoted her precious time to heal orphans in South Korea. What is the explanation of such a preference for the social field in my family? In Vietnam our common grandfather, governor of center Vietnam, used to behave toughly toward the mightiest and respectfully toward the weakest my father told to me many time.

My mother was a nurse during her whole  active life. Is it possible that we all inherited a gene of social commitment and compassion? Perhaps…

charter for compassion

2 Dec

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tho Ha-Vinh, posted with vodpod

Compassion is a force more powerful than religions, politic, economy, finance and military violence altogether. This force unifies humans being across the world by leading them to forget the word  “I” and to replace it by “us”  or more precisely “you”. You can listen to more talks about compassion here. The spread of the charter all over the world is featured in this video. The three major religions have included compassion as a golden rule in their scriptures.

The true involvement of a member of our family into the charter of compassion makes us feel pride.

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