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Homeopathy will continue to be reimbursed in Switzerland (followed)

20 Nov

In a previous post I pointed that homeopathy is reimbursed in Switzerland.

But the reimbursement is still under the following condition:  homeopathy has to be evaluate within 6 years with adequate Randomized Controlled Trials.

You can see recent developments in the two links below.

We are thankful to Alan Henness, Director of the Nightingale Collaboration, which campaigns against misleading healthcare advertising to the general public, for having signaled this information.

1) The report “Homeopathy in healthcare: effectiveness, appropriateness, safety, costs” is not a “Swiss report”


2) The Swiss report on homeopathy: a case study of research misconduct



Homeopathy will continue to be reimbursed in Switzerland

30 Apr

Following the favorable conclusions of a health Technology Assessment report the Swiss mandatory health care reimbursement fund will continue to reimburse some alternative medicines such as homeopathy alongside with phytotherapy, neural therapy, anthroposophically extended medicine and traditional Chinese medicine – phytotherapy.


switzerland (Photo credit: siette)

The design of some analysis implemented for arguing the report does not compare the results of a therapy but it only compares the individuals who were included in. And everybody already knew that individuals who trust homeopathy and parallel medicine are, at baseline and by their simple way of life, in a better shape and have less bad conditions than individuals who do not attach importance to this kind of medicine.

More contents:

1) The Swiss government report:


2) A blog advocating for homeopathy and as it was foreseeable quoting abundantly the Swiss governmental report :




1 Sep

What would have you done if you had received such a letter as the Pharmaceutical firm Boiron sent to an Italian blogger?
For myself I would have been completely frightened!!!

Read here the stream of reactions on BMJ after that another blogger tagged as disproportionate the threat imposed by the Pharmaceutical Goliath to the Blogger David.

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