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4 search engines

22 Mar

My prefered 3 french search engines are:

1) http://doccismef.chu-rouen.fr/servlets/Simple

2) http://www.bdsp.ehesp.fr/Base/SearchForm


Another good search engine for the international literature

4) http://www.sciencedirect.com/


create an alert for your references

4 Mar

You can create an alert to search for keys words of your article on the world wide web and extract references automaticaly:


grey litterature and systematic reviews data bases

24 Feb

Unpublished research (grey litterature) and systematic review about your research subject can be obtained in the following databases:

1) The NHS archives from early 2000 up to september 2007:


2) Current archives of the clinical research studies supported by the NHS:


3) Systematic reviews on effects of interventions used in health and social care, on health technology assesment and on economic evaluation :


4) Systematic reviews about health and social care evidence to support decision making.


US national library of medicine

25 Jan

One single tool for searching references in : articles, journals citations, drug information, current clinical trials, full texts biomedical books, meetings abstracts, mendelian inheritance,mutagenecity, chemical carcinogenesis, reproductive and toxicity risk.  What else?


You must type your searched words between ” ” and if author name folowed by [AU]:

for example:


“ha-vinh” [AU]

research tools for references

13 Jan

google scholar


Us National library of medicine and National institutes of health (PUBMED)


scientific research tool, contains also pre print material


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