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I’ll be back…

31 Jul

Everybody remember this legendary reply in the movie « Terminator”.

But what if the reply stands in the mouth of a Medicare enrolee being just discharged from a hospital stay?

These words are really frightening the federal administration.

According to a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, 20 percent of patients could have pronounced leaving the hospital the same three scaring words as Schwartzy pronounced when leaving the police station.

With the new ACO (Accountable Care Organisations) hospitals could be held reliable from what happens to their patient after their discharge. In this model of health management some hospitals will employ primary care practitioners or nurses to follow the discharged patient when returning at home. Medicare could pay a single fee per patient to cover all the cares which are undertaken in and outside the four wall of the hospital.

Meanwhile Medicare think to penalize hospitals that present high readmission rates within the 30 days following discharge.

Health Insurance Coverage: Asians did the job!

16 Jun

An astonishing map, while we were debating among ourselves about public health insurance coverage and public or private health care, the pragmatism of Asiatic people expanded their health care insurance coverage to an increasing part of their population.

We are thankfull to this blogger who gave us the information.

And here is a book about health insurance and cares delivery in Vietnam, from the same author as the map above. Copyright: World Bank publicationsWorld.Bank.Publications

health insurance exchange

4 Jun

Its not the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) but more simply the Health Insurance Exchange that the federal health reform law is actually designing in North America.

This exchange will offer individuals, small employers and small businesses the capacity to enroll in health insurance program with the highest quality/cost rate.

Hence, such an insurance choice should enhance the access to affordable cares for self employed workers.

The NASI (National Academy of Social Insurance) assists the states to implement this federal law ensued from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)

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