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28 Dec

A Christmas Sciatica

Tarlov's cyst, MRI

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During the night of December 24th I incurred a terrific backache which made me to experience the efficacy of the emergencies services in Marseilles. The pain was so intense that I asked my wife to dial the 15 (emergency phone number across all the France’s territory). They sent me (at five o clock in the morning of December 25th, Christmas day) a Doctor who injected me Bi-prophenid and Myolastan). After his departure, the pain increasing higher and higher and my left leg becoming insensitive I took myself the phone, dialled the 15 and asked to the physician regulator to send me an ambulance to transport me to the emergency room on the basis of neurological symptoms.  A crew of firemen of Marseilles arrived in about 10 minutes of time and transported me in a chair down my apartment (I was totally unable to walk) in to their fire department vehicle and to the neuro surgical emergency of the Timone university hospital.  I had in emergency an MRI (very sophisticated magnetic imagery, better than scanner). I was examined by an intern in neurosurgery. Pain was released by perfusion of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs (thanks to Big Pharma) during the day and the following night and no longer than the next day I was examined in my public hospital bed by the Professor Fuentes a Key Opinion Leader in Neuro surgery who diagnosed a 3/6 paresis of my left foot but no need of surgical intervention if no aggravation occurs in the following 24 hours.  I discharged from the hospital December 27th and was bring back home by a light sanitary vehicle. My sentiment after this event is: yes we have the best health care system in the world, but also the best health insurance system in the world (I had absolutely nor bill neither fee to pay). And I’m proud of it. Perhaps France is indebted but if it is for such results in term of care (same thing in term of child’s education or public transports), the money we have borrowed was not spend in vain. For now on I am on work loss with income compensation benefits.  I still have difficulties to stand up or to sit down for long periods or to walk for a distance. If my employer read this post I want him to know that I wrote it lying in my sofa with my laptop computer;-)


Health coach

2 Nov

Your knee has to be replaced? You should need a health coach before taking a decision. A Kansas city medical center organizes the meeting for you. It promotes a share decision-making enabling you to choice between surgery or rehab.

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thanks to Gary Schwitzer for having signaled this interesting procedure which could reduce the discrepancy of surgery consumption across the different states in the US.

surgical care

11 Oct
A thoracic surgeon performs a mitral valve rep...

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Astonishingly the chance of undergoing a surgical care during the month before death or during the last year of life differs depending on the state’s number of surgical bed or the rate of Medicaid spending. This finding suggests to the survey authors the following hypothesis: a part of surgical cares is not leaded by patient’s need at the end of life. The journalist who interviewed the scientific author entitled his news ” Many US surgeries on elderly may be unwanted “. You can read the abstract of the original scientific paper in the Lancet of October 2011.

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