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conclusion mise-en-place. christmas present six

2 Jan

For an author the conclusion is a tricky section to write, be it in a thesis or an article. The two pitfalls that one has to avoid are to repeat what has already been said in the preceding sections and not to respond to the questions “so what ?” and “now what?”. The conclusion section is the place where one must describe what our findings imply for policy and practices at an operational level. At this stage one must not forget either to situate our article in the extant literatures. In conclusion the pillars of the conclusion section should be:
practice and policy implications,
place in the literature ,
weakness and further research to be done.
The two consecutive posts in the blog “patter” on the subject are worth to be read.


Any of you who watch cooking programmes will know the cheffy talk about mise-en-place. It’s a term used to describe all the various kinds of preparation that need to be done in order to whip up something that can be described as “freshly cooked to order”. In reality many restaurant meals have components that are precooked and cut into the right portion sizes – they need only to be added, heated, stirred and assembled, with a minimum of actual cooking time between order and service. That you don’t have to wait too long for your food is down to lots of mise-en-place.

The notion of mise-en-place is also helpful in thesis writing. There is a lot of preparation than can be done before a draft text is begun. And just as in cooking, the more preparation you do, the quicker and less painful the actual writing time involved.


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No time to blog

29 Jun

Plenty of work, as always in June,  those days, makes me unable to write on my blog. I beg your pardon.

One good new although: one paper in which I participated as an author was accepted, you can read it here (in French)
Kindly yours


28 Aug

Abbreviations of mathematical variables have to be italicised.

Which kind of list would you choose? A lettered, numbered, or bulleted list?

If you hesitate , refer to the table:

Punctuation and capitalization after punctuation represent another relevant issue if you search the best grammar for your paper:
The American Psychological Association blog gives you timeline advices on this matter.

Does the punctuation must be placed inside or outside the quotation marks? the answer is here.

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