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French wine will not be replaced

12 Jan

A scientist tried to replace wine with a pill, fortunately he fabricated data!

wines we tasted

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The protective action of red wine against cardiovascular events is well known (at least at low doses!). But a damned scientist tried to put the protective factor that is contained into wine in a single pill. Such trying by his research to replace a glass of wine by swallowing a pill containing resveratrol, a red wine molecule! Luckily, thank god, he fabricated and falsified the data of his research!
French way of live is for a while still a healthy way of life, not challenged by pills as fake studies attempted to demonstrate. This welcomed falsification of data was brought to my attention by the chronicle of higher education, Pharmalott and retraction watch. A three years long University of Connecticut enquiry revealed the misconduct.
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wine, sex and yoga

18 Aug

Help your heart:

1) Regular exercise, thirty minutes a day

2) Flossing (dental floss)

3) Reduce salt

4) Drinking wine in moderation can be good for your heart

“One glass per day”

5) Sleep deprive increase risk

6) The interviewer said: ” We love this one on the list: Have more sex”. Response of the internist: ” twice a week reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. Hormones that are created during sex may help with circulation”

7) Three month of twice a week yoga reduce cholesterol

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Beware: such a video tape must be regarded with caution and carefully analysed. The statements here above seem have sense. But other videos like the one shown in Gary Schwitzer’s HealthNewsReview Blog are much more debatable. Such advises are frequently not based on scientific proofs an are some times subject to conflict of interest. It can be the case for wine (but in a far less extends for sex!!!). I let you make your own point of view and I advise you to appraise critically every time you look at such video.

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