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The footprint of America

14 Oct

The footprint of America is strong worldwide; be it during wartime or peacetime. And childs are among the most impressionable receptors.



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Moral injury

6 Dec

We were just two 24 years kids looking for answers! says Iraq veteran Joshua Casteel at this time  an interrogator for the US military at Abu Ghraib.

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How I Became a Conscientious Objector, posted with vodpod

Beside physical injuries Doctors used to distinguish, until now, only psychological injuries. But since the researches undertaken during Iraq’s war a new category of injury is enlightened: the moral injury. Thus, Post traumatic stress disorders stem from a mix of these three sorts of injuries: not only physical or psychological but also moral injuries. This video shows us two 24 years old kids, one from the USA one from Saudis Arabia, each one looking for answers in their own ways. A Christian, a Muslim, a blond blue-eyed, a brown dark-eyed,  both interrogated by their faith and, what is the most incredible, the scene happens in an Abu Ghraib prison interrogation room. Why did you come in Iraq to kill the interrogator begins, the Jihadist response is : why YOU did come in Irak to kill? Neither of the two kids of Iowa and Arabi Saudis  never fired a gun in their life before. Fantastic conversation in a Iraq US prison. US army is concerned by the moral problems faced by its troops on the front. A 340 pages report of a symposium on the subject entitled Exploring the Professional military ethic has been published in November 2010. Many Medical Doctors spoke on that occasion.
An article in Clinical Psychology Review of 2009 models how to intervene to repair the post traumatic stress injury suffering soldiers.

You can access to the entire full text US army report here: EthicsReport2010

and the references of the paper in Clinical Psychology Review are:
Litz BT, Stein N, Delaney E, Lebowitz L, Nash WP, Silva C, et al. Moral injury and moral repair in war veterans: A preliminary model and intervention strategy. Clinical Psychology Review. 2009 Dec;29(8):695-706. Available from:http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cpr.2009.07.003.

Joshua Casteel

Image by jimforest via Flickr

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