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French wine will not be replaced

12 Jan

A scientist tried to replace wine with a pill, fortunately he fabricated data!

wines we tasted

Image by nyaa_birdies_perch via Flickr

The protective action of red wine against cardiovascular events is well known (at least at low doses!). But a damned scientist tried to put the protective factor that is contained into wine in a single pill. Such trying by his research to replace a glass of wine by swallowing a pill containing resveratrol, a red wine molecule! Luckily, thank god, he fabricated and falsified the data of his research!
French way of live is for a while still a healthy way of life, not challenged by pills as fake studies attempted to demonstrate. This welcomed falsification of data was brought to my attention by the chronicle of higher education, Pharmalott and retraction watch. A three years long University of Connecticut enquiry revealed the misconduct.
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