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29 Jul

The French regulator ANSM is sued by a patient for not having withdrawn the Mediator from the market in the same timeline as the other developed countries.
Nevertheless the administrative court states that given that the French regulator ANSM speaks in the name of the French State the responsibility of the State is involved in this case should the causality between the product and the disease be shown.

The judgement of the administrative court (in French):

French drugmaker on trial

15 May

Until now the pharmaceutical enterprises in France were spared by lawyers and plaintiffs.

i take drugs

i take drugs (Photo credit: the|G|™)

On its side the French State, instead of launching lawsuits as many States of North America did, preferred on one hand to raise public taxes based on the pharmaceutical industry’s revenues and on the other hand to regulate heavily the prices of the drugs approved for the French market. But recently the trend changed. And the consumers now ask to civil or penal courts to evaluate the damages they think they have been victim of. And more than that, the state is held for responsible in the mind of many citizens for not having asked the trial to be held before.
The risk of such trials, if they lead to plenty of punitive verdicts against the pharmaceutical firms is the future increases of the prices of medicines (because no enterprise can afford itself to lose money at the end of the day).

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