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cancer mortality

6 Nov

According to the INVS, mortality from cancer has diminished since 1990. I notice that this was the case especially for the two localizations that have benefited from screening: prostate cancer for men with the generalized use of PSA in individual screening and breast cancer for women with the generalization of organized screening with mammogram. These cancer mortality statistics published by the well-known French epidemiologist Catherine Hill are very encouraging with regard of public health.  They must contribute to the recent debate on whether screening for prostate and breast cancer is justified. In my opinion people who are not in favor of such screening should look closely to the figures that Catherine Hill reports.

You can get access to the full text report on mortality from cancer here:

Catherine Hill Report

Hill C, Doyon F, Mousannif A. Évolution de la mortalité par cancer en France de 1950 à 2006. Saint-Maurice (Fra) : Institut de veille sanitaire, mai 2009, 272 p. available on: http://www.invs.sante.fr

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