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The gene sequencing start up is not for sale (even for $5.7 billion)

15 Mar

Molecular medicine.

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BioCamp participants getting insights into the pharmaceutical industry (Photo credit: Novartis AG)

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Roche implements a strategy to treat the chronic diseases at a molecular level. To do so it has to acquire the start-us that possesses the relevant knowledge. Molecular engineering, including the DNA molecule, is far from the usual chemistry to which the traditional drugs makers are accustomed. In order to complete this goal the Swiss Drug maker leads a policy of takeover bid for American High Tech Companies settled in California (e.g. San Diego, for Illumina, Inc. or San Francisco for Genentech, Inc.) or Arizona ( Tucson for Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.). For now, Illumina has not yet been bought by Roche but it would be only a matter of time according to financial analysts. From a medical point of view Genentech makes human antibodies which are human molecules targeting the antigens located on the cell membrane. The action of such antibodies results in various therapeutic effects in chronic diseases. But unfortunately, as soon as the treatment is stopped the symptoms reappears. Ventana makes also antibodies, but for diagnosis purpose. The molecular diagnostic tests it produces aims to classified cancer cells in order to refine the individual prognosis of the disease (and to indicate the targeted treatment that is needed). More deeper in the molecular level, clerly in the heart of the cell and the identity of the person, Illumina discovered the method to sequence the genotype of the patient. It’s of the greatest importance for Roche to buy this start-up because in the future, treatment will be prescribed not only with regard of the condition diagnosed by the Doctors but also relatively to the genome of the patient.


default in payment

19 Sep

DSK former Chief Executive Officer of International Monetary Fund said in his earlier interview on Sunday that if nothing is done rapidly and with sufficient intensity Europe in a few years will become a land of unemployed with social schemes unable to deal with it. It seems when reading the news reported above that not only Europeans will risk to be unemployed but also untreated.

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