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Back problems lead to poverty when ageing

1 Feb

The impact of back problems on retirement wealth.
People who retire early due to back problems face long-term financial disadvantage.

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Physical Therapy Technician
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Damned, my back problems have resumed. Impossible to put a foot on the ground last morning so I had to resolve to call my primary practitioner who prescribed me not to work because it’s not good to put pressure on the lumbar hernia (be it by sitting a long time or by standing up a long time). My mood was already very low and went even worse when I fell unintentionally on this press release: “workers who are suffering from back ache finish their live in poverty significantly more often than those who do not endure this condition” [1-2]!! Double punishment: suffering now and be poor later. I decided to make lie the statistics for my individual case and to cure seriously this back injury. I took a rendezvous with a physiotherapist nearby my apartment to begin therapeutic massages (because I’m still suffering from my sciatica) followed, if the situation evolves toward an amelioration, by physical rehabilitation of lumbar muscles. In the same time I just began to loose kilograms following the prevention message disseminated by Eric L Ding at the end of his commentary (quoted): “From a public health point of view, promoting a healthy diet and encouraging physical activity are not mutually exclusive, but equally important factors for maintaining healthy weight and reducing the risk of chronic diseases and premature death”[3]. In guise of conclusion we could say that healing or preventing back injuries in the workforce saves more money than it costs if one includes, in the effectiveness assessment, the forthcoming losses which will lower the pension available at the age of retirement.


[1] People who retire early due to back problems face long-term financial disadvantage


[2] The impact of back problems on retirement wealth

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[3] Commentary: Relative importance of diet vs physical activity for health

Eric L Ding1 and Frank B Hu1,2,

1Department of Nutrition, HarvardSchoolofPublic Health,Boston,MA,USA. and 2Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health,Boston,MA,USA.


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