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Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD): a medical condition or a pharmaceutical firms invention ?

8 Jul

The race to create orgasm enhancing drugs to women has just begun.

Orgasm Inc - pix 08

Orgasm Inc – pix 08 (Photo credit: k-ideas)

Orgasm Inc - pix 10

Orgasm Inc – pix 10 (Photo credit: k-ideas)

An interesting article in Plos written by a Leonore Tiefer, a Professor of psychiatry, shed the light on how could be interacting the disease mongering in one hand and the sexual functions issues of women in a another hand. But the pitfall of such a position of suspecting systematically the pharmaceutical industry of being greedy could be to let those dysfunctions in the same uncomfortable situation as orphan diseases which as we know suffer from a lack of response (be they pharmaceutical responses or psychological responses, or technological response).

An article of press in the International Herald Tribune by Abby Ellin, in the July 4 edition takes a more balanced point a few when it reports in response to Dr Tiefer the words of Dr Marcus saying: “to say that women complains about their sex life because the pharmaceutical companies told them to is really insulting to women”

More content and references:

Plos site
Full text version of Pr Tiefer essay



30 Aug

Pharmaceutical firms as well as Big Health Insurance companies are afraid of comments on their Facebook pages. Pharmaceutical firms close their Facebook account and Health care insurers don’t even dare to open one, because they are reluctant to angry comments from their enrollees. We advise them: don’t fear Facebook, learn to use it.

But organizations, like Pharmaceutical firms and Health Insurance companies are, believe deeply in hierarchical links while Facebook don’t even know the meaning of the word “hierarchy”. Facebook produces typically horizontal linkages.

These organizations prefer undertake expansive opinion polls or surveys on random sample of customers whereas reading Facebook comments should have given them, if well analysed, the appropriate qualitative information they were searching for.

But that’s the way the world goes!

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