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International Health Policy: Comparative Health Care Systems

10 Dec

How to explain the differences across North America and Western Europe regarding the policies of health coverage (mandatory in one hand, private initiative in the other hand)? The response has to be searched in the past history on both side of the Atlantic Ocean. Feudalism in Europe made government to be considered by people as a good thing which liberated them from oppression of the King and feudal lords while in North America, Government rules are associated in people’s mind with the oppression of the English government which imposed taxes before the independence. At least it is the theory exposed by Henry J. Kaiser Jr. Professor of Health and Research Policy Emeritus at Stanford.

Mandatory health care insurance: arguments of the pros and cons

2 Dec

Here below is a link toward a blogger who listed 21 arguments attempting demonstrate why and how people could afford themselves to avoid to subscribe to a mandatory health care insurance.


In my point of view, this kind of discourse do not consider two corner stones of the issue of health care insurance: solidarity (or in other word compassion toward our less wealthy fellow citizens) and the disproportional cost of the modern cares compared with the financing capacity of a single person.

Nonetheless the blogger’s propositions related to the chronic diseases prevention should be implemented. But the are not sufficient in case of an accidental damage.


Top US court weighs ‘Obamacare’

26 Mar

Will the patient protection and affordable care act die in front of the supreme court? The health of millions of Americans entering in the donut hole, is at stake. The chronology of this law is resumed here.

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