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The hospital CEO was an infiltrated FBI agent

19 Mar

In the suburbs of Chicago, the gangsters are chased by a 61 year old woman, CEO of the Edward Hospital.

Gov. "Hot Rod" Blagojevich @ Illinoi...

Gov. "Hot Rod" Blagojevich @ Illinois State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Congrats to the courageous CEO of Edward Hospital, Naperville, Illinois who helped the FBI to nail a high ranked state politician for corruption. Like in spy movies Pamela Davis wore a recording device in her bra and gave the rendez-vous for tapes transfers to the FBI agent in her preferred make-up and perfume shop (she nevertheless kept being a women in addition to being a spy). The enquiry lasted two endless years during which Pamela incurred a high level of psychological stress. She putted herself in danger in the aim to defend the health services on behalf of the Illinois population from dragging in the sludge of corruption and kickbacks. She feared for her physical integrity once when she crossed the precise man she was on the way to record on the tape while she was hooking her microphone in a parking-lot. Indeed in exchange of the administrative authorization for building a new premise for the hospital need, the governor’s board (the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board) wanted absolutely a friend of him (Jacob Kiferbaum), construction entrepreneur, being hired. But now that the governor Rod Blagojevich has been convicted and sent in jail for 14 years in Colorado she is relieved. The conclusion of the story could be that a career in health services can lead to play spy games.
The Edward Hospital serves the Chicago area and its western suburbs. It employs 4400 employees including 1000 physicians. It is a regional healthcare provider of complex medical and surgical specialties.
This woman of 61 years of age should be a model and an example for all the health services servants.

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