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The journal of Errology (JoE)

18 Jan

Rare are publishers who dare to publish errors: BioFlukes and The All Results Journals are one of them.

Publishing his owns errors seems at a first look very courageous. But acting like this could be collectively a step forward. Science like life goes ahead with a succession of failures and successes. Letting known the former to the scientific community could indeed enhance the chances of the latter to occur. But human selfishness will reduce drastically the number of author who will submit their errors to such a journal. Unless anonymous submission is an option . Such a journal of errology will deserve a great advertising before the launch: I thought of: Free of charge, no submission fee, open access and pseudonyms accepted!
Anyway, no more joking, in health services, awareness of misleading recommendations or discovery of errors in assessment procedures of guideline’s respect should merit a journal of Errology. Three comments on the topic posted on retraction watch made me laugh: I pasted theme below:
The first comment:
Great find! I think I should submit the story of my life to them!
The fourth comment:
I would like to submit a manuscript to Journal of Errology but, unfortunately, my research project worked.
And last the example of a paper full of errors you can access in full text here.

Read more on retraction watch.

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