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The Decrease of life expectancy.

18 Mar

For the first time in history life expectancy decreases in a industrialized country as shown in the study below:


The New York time reported one of the key result of the study in a article entitled “Life Spans Shrink for Least-Educated Whites in the U.S.”here:


These data must be integrated to the social policies that are based on the assumption that the upcoming generations will live longer.

Paul Krugman, the Nobel prize of economy, explains this reversing trend by the increase of income inequalities at a macroeconomic level here:


Who is the caregiver?

26 Dec
English: Healthy Life Years and Life Expectanc...

English: Healthy Life Years and Life Expectancy with Disability in the 25 EU Member States, 2006, both sexes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The end of life is not the same for women and men. It is common to think that women are more healthy, live longer and thereof can support their partner. But in fact, at birth, the difference for one individual between his Life Expectancy (acronym LE) and his Healthy Adjusted Life Expectancy (acronym HALE) is larger in average for women than it is for Men. So there is some chances that the care giver could not be the one we thought of at the first sight.
The link below is the address for a very sensitive article posted by France Woolley.






Jumping the Eiger Wand

16 Mar

Never done before !

English: graph of female vs. male life expecta...

Image via Wikipedia

In one of my last blog post I advised how to live longer. But after all some individuals prefer a shorter but more intense life as we will see in this post. A courageous German experiments a new way of being insured while climbing a big wall: it consists in carrying in his back bag a parachute. It is as simple as that. How it can be that nobody had thought of that before?
But the method could be more risky than it appears at first glance: what about the first hundred meters of climbing which is, I recall, the distance needed for a parachute to open correctly? To say it shortly, this man has a shorter life expectancy but a hell more intense way of living it as I said in the beginning. When I look at this sort of guy I feel in my deep inside a feeling of a mixture of envy (what a life!) and pity (the continuing proximity of death!). But isn’t this mixture the basement of our human condition: the conscientiousness of the possibility of our own end?
But enough of philosophy, enjoy this amazing movies!

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