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23 Dec

Designing a questionnaire is a step in health services research whose importance is too often under estimated and that is implemented more rapidly than it would deserve. The importance of how the questions are featured by the searcher is highlighted in the blog written by Keith Meadows, a Health Psychologist.


The Patients Outcomes Blog

Designing a patient survey questionnaire whether it’s to measure patient satisfaction or patient experience is more than simply writing some questions expecting patients to understand them and give reliable and valid answers. Designing a patient satisfaction or experience questionnaire involves  initiating  a relationship with respondents  that stimulates their interest and encourages them to provide the best answers possible.

  • UNDERSTAND THE BIG PICTURE  It is essential that the overall objectives of the patient survey are defined at the outset  i.e. the research question. This will include  establishing the purpose of the survey e.g. measuring patient satisfaction, experience and outcomes, clarifying the target population the questionnaire will be administered to e.g. patient group, disease type, how the information will be collected e.g. paper/pencil, interview, web and how that information will be used e.g. improve patient experience.
  • START AT THE END The aims of the patient survey questionnaire will  provide the…

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Health services research

21 Oct

Recently I found a definition of the field I am interested in:  ie the health services research. Wikipedia defines it as ” to examine how people get access to health care practitioners and health care services, how much care costs, and what happens to patients as a result of this care.” quoting Academyhealth in the references.

Putted more simply, and according to Academyhealth, HSR tries to give responses to 4 questions in the field of health care in a community:

What works?
For whom?
At what cost?
Under what circumstances?

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