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The effects of Expanding health coverage

8 Feb

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is practically a laboratory experiment at the scale of a continent that allows health economists to observe the effects of expending the health coverage to a whole population (a thing that Europeans have done and that they call modestly Universal Disease Coverage, in French couverture maladie universelle or CMU). Starting from his reading of a
Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report the health economist Austin Frakt lists the incentives and disincentives to work that a mandatory health coverage creates. But in my view the point is: does the labor market need workers anymore, with or without health coverage? If it really needs workers then it would be better that they could afford care and rehabilitation, it is the interest of both the employer and the employee. If it doesn’t, the labor market will always consider that the costs are to high.
The blog the incidental economist is about health economics, below is the post with a link to the CBO report:


Universal health coverage

6 Dec

At the second global symposium on health systems research in october 31th of 2012 some dreamers recently gathered in Beijing to promote a World Wide Universal Health Coverage.
But dreamers have always been the ones who changed the world!
Here is the report in Adam Wagstaff’s blog:


And videos of the congress can be accessed here:


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