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Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD): a medical condition or a pharmaceutical firms invention ?

8 Jul

The race to create orgasm enhancing drugs to women has just begun.

Orgasm Inc - pix 08

Orgasm Inc – pix 08 (Photo credit: k-ideas)

Orgasm Inc - pix 10

Orgasm Inc – pix 10 (Photo credit: k-ideas)

An interesting article in Plos written by a Leonore Tiefer, a Professor of psychiatry, shed the light on how could be interacting the disease mongering in one hand and the sexual functions issues of women in a another hand. But the pitfall of such a position of suspecting systematically the pharmaceutical industry of being greedy could be to let those dysfunctions in the same uncomfortable situation as orphan diseases which as we know suffer from a lack of response (be they pharmaceutical responses or psychological responses, or technological response).

An article of press in the International Herald Tribune by Abby Ellin, in the July 4 edition takes a more balanced point a few when it reports in response to Dr Tiefer the words of Dr Marcus saying: “to say that women complains about their sex life because the pharmaceutical companies told them to is really insulting to women”

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