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Never say “pain meds”

23 Feb

Never say “pain meds” on the phone in an Emergency Call for a on call Physician in California.

It's a Emergency Call Device Sign

It's a Emergency Call Device Sign (Photo credit: Rantz)

I underwent the same back pain emergency in Marseille, France I related here.


As last night unfolded, I knew I would eventually blog about it.

After a long holiday weekend, James and I were doing a bit of leisurely shore line fishing. While we were packing up, James exited his truck and BAM! He immediately felt a sharp pain in his back. This isn’t the first time, but it had been a little while since such a severe flare-up. With this, we promptly went home and applied all the home remedies we knew. Heat, rest, ibuprofen.

James’ back was no better in the morning. After dealing with it for the majority of the day, he made the decision to call his doctor.

It was 6:15 p.m.

After hours.

With the on-call physician answering service phone number safely in hand, he dialed.

“Hi, my name is James, and I’d like to speak to the doctor on call regarding possible pain meds for some pretty…

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