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To restart insert $ 1 trillion

29 Jul

(thanks to this cartoon by Andy Davey from The Sun relates to the U.S. debt crisis)

trillion is a million million, or one followed by 12 zeroes

The actual amount of the US debt is equal to  $14.3 trillion.

The responsibles are the wars that were undertaken by America, the tax cuts offered by Obama’s predecessor and  the costs of health care.

If the rising of the debt ceiling is not allowed by congress, America should have to cut in financing Medicaid and Medicare.

Health care providers depend heavily on Medicare and Medicaid programs. The federal government participates on average as high as 56 percent in Medicaid costs.

Already government and health policy stake-holders talk about rising the age of admission to Medicare from 65 to 67 years in order to save public spendings.

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