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A prayer said by an overweight person

22 Feb

The pitfall of warning against obesity is to stigmatize the overweight individuals.

It made me laugh a lot. Transmitted by my cousin who held it from a Facebook friend so I didn’t resist to share.

You can find a lot more of such humorous or inspirational sentences on the face book page of Fatima Parker who is an Author, a regular guest speaker on self-esteem, healthy living and size acceptance, on Radio,Television & print Media, in the Middle East, Africa,the UK, the USA & on-line Media. She has dedicated her life to helping women and children with issues of self-confidence and self-esteem that are fundamental to friendships, work, love relationships, ambitions, goals, and good health. She struggle against the discrimination undergone by the persons who are stricken by obesity or are suffering from a problem of size. She is the president of the International size acceptance association in the UK.

Here is the link to the association’s website:



Animated map of obesity incidence by state (19...

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