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The psychiatrist, venlafaxine and the Wyeth rep

20 Jan

Dr Carlat is a psychiatrist who was searching for redemption. What was his sin?


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Venlafaxine Extended Release (XR) pill—Effexor...

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He compromised himself with sales reps in exchange of money by participating in a so-called continuous medical education targeted on antidepressants. Venlafaxine {effexor®) is a powerful short half-life antidepressant whose sides effects and adverse events are withdrawal syndrome, libido lowering and suicide risk if not carefully prescribed. In the New York Time’s paper, Dr Carlat simply describes how step by step he became aware of loosing his free will and his objective professional medical assessment. In as sort of punishment as well as rehabilitation he decided to create a blog and an organisation of drug industry free continuous medical education.
You are forgiven Dr Carlat!

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