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Libel or alert ?

1 Jul


I have received in my mailbox the message below. The CEO of a French public

hospital would sue one of his Doctor for libel against his institution.

The point is that both the Doctor And the hospital CEO have the same

ultimate goal: to protect the Public Health Service.

They should, in my opinion , try to find a common ground. Filing a lawsuit

or attacking a public hospital in the media are not part of the solution but instead

are parts of the problem.


Below the message tha I have received:

De : alain braillon [mailto:xxxxxxxxx]
Envoyé : mercredi 24 juin 2015 17:13
À : Christian M
Objet : le Dr Marescaux poursuivi par son hôpital car il se bat pour la qualité des soins!

Chers tous

C’est est un brillant neurologue (voir PUBMED
Il s’inquiète du manque de moyens pour ses malades avec un AVC!
Son hôpital le poursuit en justice!
Ni le conseil de l’ordre des médecins, ni la Haute Autorité de Santé qui doivent pourtant être concernés, ne semblent agir.

Voici un lien avec son histoire dans Rue89

S’il vous plaît aidez : a) faites suivre; b) laissez une réponse en ligne pour montrer votre soutien; c) ou écrivez lui lui à xxxxxxxx.com … etc …
Il y a même une pétition http://www.petitions24.net/sauvetage_filiere_avc_aux_hopitaux_universitaires_de_strasbourg
Merci d’avance
Dr Alain Braillon http://braillon.net/alain/


Mohamed Bouazizi

16 Dec

Tomorrow it will have passed one year since Mohamed Bouazizi set fire on his own body, a fire that spread like straw fire across all the Arab world leading to the Arab spring few months later the indignant in Spain and later on occupy wall street movement in the US and now Russia discovers what democracy looks like.

Time magazine designed the man of the year: he is a masked protester.

2011 was the year of the individual, individual against the blind system.

Every country needs their courageous individuals, only a few of them are some times sufficient to make a whole country take the high road.

We in France have the chance to possess also this kind of lonesome individuals struggling against the system. One of them is called Alain Braillon, a public health physician who dares to speak loud on Public health issues.

By this post I tend to contribute to save the private Braillon!
You can read the full story in the editorial of Liver international here: liv2723

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