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10 Sep

Does French go to a decline? Vietnamese talk less and less French, so does Arabians. Chinese do not want anymore learn French at school. Corsican, Occitan, Basque Celtics people of France from their graves are holding their cold revenge if French should be becoming European dialect.    It’s chilling but if you project yourselves in the next decades at the pace things are going on with Internet American entertainment Erasmus student exchange and so on it’s within the limits of possibilities. European administration spent billions in translation costs over years One days thing will become simplier after One currency (euro) times will come for one tongue. But which one? Do you believe really it will be French?  Think of it…

How to perform a good academic writing?

21 Jul

An associate professor of psychology gives us some pragmatical advises to struggle against procrastination in writing. And a blog is specialized on editing methods. This blog shares with us thoughts of an editor on life and grammar.

Lost in translation

7 Mar

To edit your manuscript in correct scientific english within four days, a website for those who are lost in translation (I have no finacial interest):

publish or perish

15 Feb

If this is your leit motive you need help from the persons below:

and to translate your work to foreign readers from french to english language:

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