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Vegetarian diet

14 Sep

After all this vegetarian diet does not taste so bad!




Landing at Marseille airport

30 Jun

When you have the chance of coming from Italy by air, before landing at Marignane (the Marseille’s airport) the captain warns you that the plane will fly over the Phocean city, which effectively appears suddenly on the right side of the plane trajectory. As I don’t often take planes, specially coming from that provenance I putted my IPhone on Plane mode ( a mandatory, highly important precaution for not disturbing the navigation devices on board) and took the pictures of Marseille I have the pleasure to share below. Enjoy the breathtaking view!









Chartres cathedral at dusk

10 Jun

Like I promised, here are some photographs taken just before the sun came down.
















The captivating Cathedral of Chartres

8 Jun
Chartres Cathedral; Fresneau worked at the cho...

Chartres Cathedral; Fresneau worked at the choir school here late in his career (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like a modern pilgrim I am again rolling along the Rhone valley in direction of Paris then Chartres.
The thought comes to my mind that this valley represents a life axe for me. indeed my father in the fifties took this direction after having disembarked in Marseille coming from Vietnam to meet his elderly brother Phuong who was waiting for him in Paris. Later on I met my wife Brigitte who is originated from Lyon and consequently we established our second family home in this town located along the Rhone ( first home had been located in Chartres).
I take a few pictures across the window of the train showing how green and luxurious and varied the French landscape can be. Around me people are genuinely conversing, writing on laptops or reading books. My seat’s neighbor just leaved to have a cup of cafe at the bar.

Later on:Chartres is approaching , the goal of my journey, pilgrimage to the place where I have been brought up. The fields of wheat are still green, the yellow would come later during the year in July .

Once I will be arrived at destination I’ll post the photographs taken through the window of the train on my Blog. The most magnificent of them being those including the cathedral of Chartres which welcome my arrival. By the way you can fulfill the form of this questionnaire(in French) to help a medical student to obtain his thesis addressing the commitments of medical practitioners in Blog








To the North

26 May

I woke up early this morning a 3:30 AM with the intention to go northerly by train.


Marseille (Photo credit: -eko-)

The Calanque of Sugiton in the 9th arrondissem...

The Calanque of Sugiton in the 9th arrondissement of Marseille (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Entrance of the Paris gare de Lyon station

Entrance of the Paris gare de Lyon station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: TGV hall of the "Gare de Lyon&qu...

English: TGV hall of the “Gare de Lyon” railway station, Paris, France. Français : Hall TGV de la gare de Lyon, Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gare de Lyon, Paris, France

Gare de Lyon, Paris, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though it is useless to stipulate your direction when you plan to leave the southern suburbs of Marseille because the only one direction that is possible to take is precisely the North since the South and the West are occupied by the Mediterranean sea and the bay of Marseille and the East is blocked by the Calanques which are as you may not know, a desert of rocks absolutely deprived of any road, not to mention railway.

So as I said, I woke up early to go to the North by train and more accurately by TGV a.k.a. Train à Grande Vitesse (which can be translated in High Speed Train).
The TGV represents in France the equivalent of what the plane represents in the USA: the easiest way to travel across the country; be it fo visiting family or for work. This early morning of May the 22nd my destination was a professional meeting in the northern suburb of Paris called “La plaine Saint Denis”. For that purpose I stepped down in the subway station Rond Point du Prado at 5:00 AM precisely in the southern suburb of Marseille. A moment later, comfortably seated in a TGV first class wagon I was glazing at a screen indicating the speed: the numbers oscillated between 260 and 301 kilometres per hour (i.e. 161 and 187 miles per hour). 3 hours and 20 minutes later after my departure I stood on the pier of the railways station called “Gare de Lyon” which, as its name does not indicate, is precisely located in Paris (French are not always logical persons). Like Marseille’s ones, the railways stations of Paris are in dead ends (trains have to go back to were they come from). But for different reasons: Marseille is at an extremity of the land route while Paris is the rail network centre. After a chat with my colleagues and a lunch I am now on my way home, coming back, crossing at 300 kilometres per hour speed the green landscape of France. If all goes well I would enjoy the diner in my place of abode next my beloved wife in Marseille around half past eight.

So it is not an exaggeration to say that, with the TGV, Paris nears Marseille more than it has ever done before. Indeed I have made the journey Marseille Paris and back in less than 15 hours, this time including a working session and a lunch. Never the less, despite this miracle of the technology, why have I the fuzzy feeling of having just wasting my time? Would it be because the wisdom teaches us that “the goal is the way”? ; For sure, 300 kilometres per hour might be a speed too high to enjoy mindfully the way.

Inspiring stories and beautiful pictures about humankind

4 May

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Photographers, poets and writers often focus on topics related to health or at least well-being which is a concept very near from health.
I have just discovered this wonderful Blog which tales us short stories along with heart minded photographs, all of them talking about humankind and inner feelings. An other Blog reminds me this kind of inspiration, and precisely its name his “inspiration and Chai”. Inspiration nurtures the mind and Chai warmth the body can we read under the title of this Blog as a mission statement. Surfing those kinds of Blogs makes you feel much better afterward. We could say that they play a mindfulness inducing role. Better than antidepressant isn’t it?

Above are examples of  photographs I dug up in one of those  Blogs referenced below.

More content:

1) Pictoryblog. View true daily photo stories from contributors around the world, or submit your own.

2) Inspiration and Chai
3) WrittenImpact. Let us tell your Compelling Human and Business Story.

4) Humankind, voices of hope and humanity

Three controversial photographs

7 Apr

Facebook is a mine for controversial photographs.

On the Facebook page of Gregory Sams, a Londonian writer with a very British sense of humor and a former entrepreneur in macrobiotic catering, I found those two hilarious pictures reflecting, in my view, the occidental vision of the life (and what is coming after) for the first and the  occidental simplified world view for the second. Gregory’s father worked as an American press correspondent during Vietnam’s war and is of Syrian origin. Gregory Sams has written a book about the predominance of freedom over politics and the peril of its suppression in our society.

This latest picture is available on the Facebook page of the Guardian. The photograph  is not at all humoristic but raised a huge controversy when published for the first time only five years after 9/11 by the photographer Thomas Hoepker who, during that period, was ashamed by his own photograph and feared to be accused of making art from a slaughter. For the tenth anniversary of 9/11 the photograph appears like a allegory of the historical tragic events and the every day life which continues to goes on.

the outburst of spring

1 Apr

The lilac has just erupted with flowers on my balcony.
Bees are flying all around. The cherry tree is also in flower. Smell like spring is really on time this year! And the Cockers participate to the fest, as always, enthusiastically.
The cycle of the year is reaching a summit in April in my view.

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31 Dec

I wish you have the eye of the tiger and the power and the sense of family of a lioness to confront the expected adversity of the coming new year.


7 Aug

Mauritanie by Ferdinand Reus: this picture was shot in January 20th, 2010 with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. (Nouakchott‘s Camel Market)


Egypt by Ludwig Hans Fischer: this picture was shot in 1891 with oil painting. (The Simoom or Bedouins in a sand storm)

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