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Bogus evidence

5 Jan

Full access to raw data becomes more and more necessary.

Photo of linear accelerator

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The number of scientists which manipulate data increases tremendously, one solution could be the obligation to make raw data accessible on the internet. A second solution is to make mandatory the publication of all the randomized controlled trials that have been registered even if they conclude to less benefit or more harm for the studied innovative procedure. A third solution is to be very circumspect if the authors have already patented their own research topics. For example prostate cancer screening and lung cancer screening are two field of highly interesting the biomedical industry and associated with large amount of potential revenue.

The latest example is a Prostate cancer screening marker research which appeared to be entirely fake. Moreover the scientist involved had already sold the discovery to a bio engineering start-up. All that stuff ended up before a court, you can see a report of the lawsuit here. The lung cancer screening has become also a competition for X-ray industrials and searchers as you can see here.
When are at stake the academic glory, the economic greed and some time no more than just finding a job for a post doc searcher the pressure to publish always surpasses the sense of honour and the Hippocratic oath?
The BMJ journal has just been recently whistle-blowing the problem in a in-depth review of the question. Bogus evidences are not only dangerous for patients but also lead to unjustified health care spending deepening the nation debt crisis.
More information on the topic is findable below:


Michael’s Doctor in jail

29 Nov
Death certificate for Michael Jackson, release...

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Judge Pastor sentenced Michael Jackson’s Doctor , Conrad Murray to 4 years in jails for the pop star death. This is the video tape of the judgment.Dr Murray betrayed the Patient-Physician mutual trust and his Hippocratic oath. Capacities of state jails being overwhelmed he will be sent in county jail.
Judged Pastor said also that Doctor Murray was dangerous for the community and consequently he deserved no probation.

Prison valley

27 Nov

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Prison valley, posted with vodpod

Professor Patrick Morvan tell us in his blog that in the State of California, there are 50 death per year motivated by a lack of health care and that up to 700 prisoners are enlisted in a waiting list to attend a Doctor visit.
In France an author, Dr Véronique Vasseur,had published a book, on the subject that is very similar with the problem faced in California.
The prison industry is not exposed to unemployment during times of economic crisis but prisoner’s access to health care is a real public health issue!

You can access to the entire free movie entitled Prison Valley by clicking here.

Keep libel laws out of science

11 Nov

Keep Libel Laws out of Science

When a lawyer of San Francisco threatens a scientific journal for having published an article which alter the economic interests of his client there is a problem. But when the scientific journal retracts the article saying there is a conflict of interest there is really an expression of concern.
The full article of retraction watch his readable here.

An other article have been retracted for politic reasons here.

Science appears more and more in danger of being attacked by lawyers or politics. That’s why a charitable trust named Sense About Science is struggling for independence of science.

subgroup analysis can lead to jail

8 Nov

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A scientist that undertook a subgroup analysis passed nearby a prison sentence in the US.

W. Scott Harkonen have been convinced of false dissemination and misleading statement for his interpretation by subgroup analysis of  a clinical trial results.  He is accused by the Feds of manipulating the data with a subgroup analysis such modifying the primary endpoint of the trial. The following dissemination of the results he obtained provoked a wide off label prescription of the drug tested in the trial. The consequences were inappropriate spending for Medicaid and Medicare. The cost of off label prescription for one patient-year was approximately $50,000. This cost is proportional to the severity of the sentence pronounced by the judge. Pharmalot reported this lawsuit in several posts, the last report being available here.

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