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The neuroscience of meditation

16 Dec

Life is a permanent flow: one has to let go the past and present in order to authorize freely the next event of one’s life to happen. If not, a damp will interrupt the flow, which is not a good thing from a sound and balanced living perspective.

One has to live a life which is intrinsically ever changing, and thus which is anxiety provoking.

The only thing that is permanent is one’s awareness of being present in the present moment, which by itself is a blessing one should be grateful for .
At that point meditation, wether by focusing on an action like breathing or walking or by observing with detachment the course of our thoughts and feelings created by our mind or by exercising compassion and loving kindness towards other sentient beings can be of some help.

By the way it has been demonstrated by neuro-scientists that meditation modifies the way the brain functions and even the size of some brain regions.

I read an article on this subject in the November 2014 edition of the journal Scientific American entitled Mind of the Meditator, authored by Mathieux Ricard a Buddhist Monk, Antoine Lutz a research scientist at the Frenh National Institute of Health and Medical Research and Richard J Davidson from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

They conclude that
even with the requisite cautions, research on meditation provides new insights into methods of mental training that have the potential to enhance human health and well-being”


Anger or gratefulness it’s up to you

15 Aug

Gratefulness could be the best way to happiness and to avoid child’s mental health problems in case of a pathogenic infancy. In France our psychologists developed the concept of resilience. Anglo-Saxon world put the accent on gratefulness as a tool for resilience, paving the way for the happening of a state of mind conducive to happiness. Listen to how Nancy Floy, an acupuncturist from Chicago, got through a very difficult childhood thank to her grand mother’s teaching of gratefulness for yet being still alive after a night of alcoholic chaos perpetrated by her own genitors.
Gratefulness is a very good way of conducting once life, don’t you think? Anyway my three dogs already behave according to this precept: they manifest energetically their joy, eyes full of gratefulness whatever the littlest good I do for them (like for example just giving them a little cup of water when they are thirsty, or appearing in the evening after a full day of absence, nothing more than that makes them very happy 😉

Thanks to the media HUMANKIND for broadcasting such interesting programs.

The interview of Nancy Floy

The public radio HUMANKIND.

Instead of exporting manufactured products to Africa you should form its engineers

8 May

I recently saw two videos reproduced here and they provoked the thought stated above in the title of this post.
The first video advertised a carbon for water program consisting in sending to Africa a lot of water filters. The second was about solar-powered internet schools manufactured by Samsung and placed on the African soil.

And then I remembered this young engineer, whose name is Tsengue Tsengue, student of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, who came back in his native country, namely the Congo, to patent several of his invention and install a factory which hired numerous young unemployed.

What should be the best: bringing materials and devices already packaged to Africa or bringing well-educated African engineers to Africa? Neither of the two propositions aren’t good in my view. Instead, the best would be to form directly engineers in Africa with exchange of students between Africa and other countries. Indeed I think that it serves better the African’s interests to develop enterprises leaded by African entrepreneurs than to carry toward Africa devices and goods already manufactured abroad. That’s why the OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization) must be strongly supported. Patented African innovations would be the only pathway to reduce the unemployment of the youth and to enhance the proud of African nations.

Here below is another video in French about Tsenge Tsenge and his enterprise called Challenge Futura, click below:
Rencontre avec l’inventeur Tsengue-Tsengue par Congo-SiteOfficiel

2 May

A tremendous post on the question to know whether information technologies trump the scholarly publishing or whether the academic publishing subordinates itself to the information technologies. In my view the response is that both statements are true because the respective influence is not at all linear but instead pretty much interactive. As for the sponsored payments by the tobacco industry for author-paid open access publishing, the expression of concern is also relevant for the traditional publishing because private corporations can very well sponsor subscriptions in reader-paid publishing. The key point is the conflict of interest disclosure (which is perhaps more easy to uncover in the open access publishing where the payment is made on behalf of the author).

Homeopathy will continue to be reimbursed in Switzerland

30 Apr

Following the favorable conclusions of a health Technology Assessment report the Swiss mandatory health care reimbursement fund will continue to reimburse some alternative medicines such as homeopathy alongside with phytotherapy, neural therapy, anthroposophically extended medicine and traditional Chinese medicine – phytotherapy.


switzerland (Photo credit: siette)

The design of some analysis implemented for arguing the report does not compare the results of a therapy but it only compares the individuals who were included in. And everybody already knew that individuals who trust homeopathy and parallel medicine are, at baseline and by their simple way of life, in a better shape and have less bad conditions than individuals who do not attach importance to this kind of medicine.

More contents:

1) The Swiss government report:

2) A blog advocating for homeopathy and as it was foreseeable quoting abundantly the Swiss governmental report :

The way forward

28 Apr

Why western governments should increase budget spending instead of cutting them.

Nouriel Roubini, Turkish economist, professor ...

Nouriel Roubini, Turkish economist, professor of economics at the Stern School of Business, New York University. From the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise conference, 2009. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Nouriel Roubini, tyrkisk økonom, professor ved Stern School of Business ved New York University. Fra NHOs Årskonferanse 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Public budget spending cuts induce a lowering of consumption that is inevitably followed by a slowdown of the economy’s pace and ultimately unemployment which also results in the lowering of consumption of goods; but moreover governments spending cuts reduce the efficiency or research by hampering the integrity of the scientist’s behaviour as we will see below.

Public budgets should instead be invested in enhancing the level of infrastructure, research and education in the aim to create the jobs and opportunities of tomorrow. High ranked economists and financial law scholars of the University of Cornwell and of the University of New-York describe what should be the way forward for western governments to follow in the present worse economic crisis since 1930 crossed by the developed countries.

Research is one of the sector in which governments should spent more money as written by Dr Ferric C Fang editor in chief of the journal Infection and Immunity in an editorial that quoted the here above economists report. The editorial of Dr Fang pointed the fact that he observes more and more misconducts in science articles because researchers are desperately lacking of financial supports and grants from the government.

More content:

1) The Way Forward

Moving From the Post-Bubble, Post-Bust Economy to Renewed Growth and Competitiveness
  • By Daniel Alpert, Westwood Capital; Robert Hockett, Professor of Law, Cornell University; and Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics, New York University

October 10, 2011 |

2) Reforming Science: Structural Reforms

  1. Ferric C. Fang, Editor in Chief, Infection and Immunity and
  2. Arturo Casadevall, Editor in Chief, mBio

A scientific speech addressed to medical journalists

21 Apr

When Gary Schwitzer talks at a health care journalists congress the result is the below brilliant course of medical research methodology.

The way health care journalists report the lowering of risk linked to a medical or pharmaceutical intervention has an impact on the size of the interest the public will give to the so-called innovative therapy. The example chosen by Gary with Nolvadex and breast cancer risk is very striking (see slide 36).

Thank you Gary Schwitzer for this very informative lecture which benefits not only to journalists but also to health care consumers (i.e. all of us).

The gene sequencing start up is not for sale (even for $5.7 billion)

15 Mar

Molecular medicine.

BioCamp participants getting insights into the...

BioCamp participants getting insights into the pharmaceutical industry (Photo credit: Novartis AG)

English: DNA replication or DNA synthesis is t...

Image via Wikipedia

Building 32 on the Genentech headquarters camp...

Image via Wikipedia

A parking sign on the Genentech headquarters c...

Image via Wikipedia

Roche implements a strategy to treat the chronic diseases at a molecular level. To do so it has to acquire the start-us that possesses the relevant knowledge. Molecular engineering, including the DNA molecule, is far from the usual chemistry to which the traditional drugs makers are accustomed. In order to complete this goal the Swiss Drug maker leads a policy of takeover bid for American High Tech Companies settled in California (e.g. San Diego, for Illumina, Inc. or San Francisco for Genentech, Inc.) or Arizona ( Tucson for Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.). For now, Illumina has not yet been bought by Roche but it would be only a matter of time according to financial analysts. From a medical point of view Genentech makes human antibodies which are human molecules targeting the antigens located on the cell membrane. The action of such antibodies results in various therapeutic effects in chronic diseases. But unfortunately, as soon as the treatment is stopped the symptoms reappears. Ventana makes also antibodies, but for diagnosis purpose. The molecular diagnostic tests it produces aims to classified cancer cells in order to refine the individual prognosis of the disease (and to indicate the targeted treatment that is needed). More deeper in the molecular level, clerly in the heart of the cell and the identity of the person, Illumina discovered the method to sequence the genotype of the patient. It’s of the greatest importance for Roche to buy this start-up because in the future, treatment will be prescribed not only with regard of the condition diagnosed by the Doctors but also relatively to the genome of the patient.

Valentine’s day, from Virginity to Viagra

13 Feb

The eve of the Valentine’s day, let’s talk about sex (in a scientific manner of course).

Mac cartoon

Study number 1: The more a state is prone to teach abstinence only until marriage in its teen education program the more its rate of teen’s pregnancy is high.

Study number 2: Women think of sex between 1 and 140 times per day. And if men think about sex a little more that’s because they also think more about sleep or food (i.e. physiological needs) when compared to women.

Study number 3: a study with small effectives brings a proof of concept (i.e.proof-of-principle) that DHEA hormone intake could enhance the rate of sexual intercourse, the sexual activity and the sexual interest (i.e. provide a better sex life) in post menopausal women. Of course at this stage of the research progress those findings only raise hypothesis and studies at a larger scale are needed to confirm or infirm the concept.

Study number 4: a book treating about sexuality during the entire lifespan enlightens that Sexual Transmissible Infections have tripled among women aged over 50. The cause could be found in the beginning (i.e. start over) of a new sentimental and sexual relation after widowhood or a divorce.

Study number 5: And last but not least, an erectile dysfunction in men could be the earlier symptom of an artery obstructive disease and should lead to an in-depth examination of arteries and blood pressure according to Dr John Ludlow, MD, urologist. Indeed the cause could come from two little arteries of the penis being clogged.

Works consulted:

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I Need a Dollar

29 Jan

Viral campaign on the internet.

English: Harvard Madical School Boston Magyar:...

Image via Wikipedia

To raise funds for a health cause it is sometimes easier on the internet era to ask one dollar to a million people than to find a millionaire who accepts to donate.
This fact has been well understood by Dr Wise Young, professor at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and Dr Eric L. Ding, Instructor, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. The both of them are using viral marketing campaigns on the internet for funding their research on cure of chronic spinal cord injury base on umbilical cordon stem cells for the former and cancer prevention based on nutrition for the latter. We wish their viral campaigns bring them money stemming from millions of anonymous donators.
They need a dollar, a dollar is what they need as is singing Aloe Black.

Read more about those two researchers who need a dollar:

Dr Wise Young, professor atRutgers, The State University of New Jersey,

Donate to search a cure for chronic spinal cord injury

Dr Eric L. Ding, Instructor, Department of Medicine, HarvardMedicalSchool

Donate for cancer prevention:

Antoine Flahault’s Blog, the spring of medical research?

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