4 Feb

Medicine and particularly health care is always a matter of time: time needed for recovery, time until the cure is completed, time elapsed until relapse, survival time . Time questions the searchers in health services. What if an event has occurred at a time when nobody was present to attest the exact moment of its appearance? What if we know when a peculiar health condition has ended but not exactly when it has begun?  If a health condition (disease or good health depending of what the searcher is studying) is interrupted during a short lapse of time and then resumes, how to handle the interruption interval? Last but not least when a searcher has not enough time to devote to wait for the final result should he eliminate the entire observation? How mathematicians apprehend this curious entity which we name time?

Their mathematical answer is: interval censored data.


Many thanks to SAS and it’s programmers!

Happy are the Buddhists with their here and now philosophy 😉


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