Principe de l’analyse factorielle

25 Oct

correspondence analysis highlights in a graphical mode the distances from the independence of the cells in a contingency table.

Two categorical variables (one in row and the other in column) enters in the cross table (and thus in the analysis).

Each category of the two variable (be it in row or in column, it doesn’t matter) is represented in the final graph.

The proximity in the graphs of two categories means a)  if they belong to different variables : that these two categories have more chances to be present together in a same subject than expected b) if they belong to the same variable: that the subjects  belonging to these two categories presents the same tendencies (structure) with regard to the other variable’s categories.

correspondence analysis can identify an author starting from the distribution of alphabet letters in his text

Principe de l’analyse factorielle


analyse en correspondances multiples

a medical application of correspondence analysis


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