Lyon at the sofitel hostel Lyon Bellecour

5 Jul

I presented two speeches at a professional meeting in the Sofitel Lyon Bellecour, one of the most luxurious hotel in town. The journey remembered me I ran a private primary care medical practice one quarter of a century before in this town. The topic of my talks were the prevention of occupational diseases of the taxi drivers for the first and the prevalence of the continuous positive pressure devices in patients incurring a sleep obstructive sub apneas syndrome for the second.

The place Bellecour is the most famous with Notre Dame de La Garde as places being worth to be seen in this town located at the confluence of the Rhone river and the Saone river.

My elderly daughter used to play at a little car circuit installed in one of the side of the wide place. The little carrousel has now disappeared but the souvenir is still there well alive. I long for those moments full of happiness and inconsequence , the future then belonged to us.

Below a few pictures I took at the exit of the subway’s station Bellecour and from the dining room of the hostel showing place Bellecour, Notre Dame de la Garde and the Rhone with a big swimming pool built on its banks. The last one indicate. The speed in kilometer per hour of the TGV between Lyon and Marseille.















2 Responses to “Lyon at the sofitel hostel Lyon Bellecour”

  1. NP July 6, 2012 at 8:00 am #

    Nous avons donc des souvenirs communs et contemporains, sous Fourvière 🙂

  2. Ha-Vinh July 7, 2012 at 8:42 am #

    Lyon est une ville qu’on ne peut oublier. Mon épouse Lyonnaise d’origine, m’a demandé si le marche aux fleurs existait toujours place Bellecour. J’avoue que je n’ai pas bien regardé car je ne me souvenait pas qu’il y en avait un (la mémoire est sélective). Je suis donc reste assez évasif dans ma réponse. Diplomatie…

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