A congress in Padova

16 Jun

Social insurance medicine specialists gathered in Padova

So it is the last day of my first international medical congress. Saturday 6:00 AM, i’m waiting for the bus for the Marco Polo Airport at the Padova railway-station.
The participants were a majority of Italian health services Doctors, all of them talking fluently English (lectures were in this language ). Then came attendees from the Eastern European countries (Romania, Slovenia…), the Northern Europe: Norway, Netherlands, German, Belgium, Swiss. Given the size of its population, France was under represented, not to mention Spain, Portugal or Greece which sent nobody (despite the social difficulties those countries are confronted with). Since Bismarck and Beveridge Social Security is more a Protestant than Catholic countries affair although Italian social insurance Doctors were greatly represented in the Padova congress (mainly those from the INAIL a.k.a. the Italian National Insurance Institute for Industrial Accidents).
It’s simple, in Padova palazzio are everywhere , even at the railway-station there is a palazzio.
All the congress sessions where in palazios which is a little bit strange for a congress dedicated mainly to social security and social difficulties endured by people insured to healthcare and pension funds (May I can recall that the congress topic was the social security challenges in Europe?). But I admitt that it would be utterly snobbish to refuse to enter in a palazzio in a town like Padova given that such facilities are not the exception but the rule overthere! Anyway, all was perfect, Italian people have an innate way to be always elegant and handsome and the Dolce Vita (douceur de Vivre) is not an empty word here. People move with an elegance you can not find anywhere else. Astonishingly for an Italian town bicycles seems to be a habitual and usual mode of transportation which contradict the reputation of car fan the Italians bear since Fangio.
I shared thoughts and ideas with the Director of Medical Assessment Division of the Pension and Invalidity Insurance Institute of Slovenia who heartily invited me for an eventual lecture at the 3rd International Congress of Medical Assessors which would take place in Maribor, Slovenia (a little brother of the EUMASS congress we could say in one sense).












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