The captivating Cathedral of Chartres

8 Jun
Chartres Cathedral; Fresneau worked at the cho...

Chartres Cathedral; Fresneau worked at the choir school here late in his career (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like a modern pilgrim I am again rolling along the Rhone valley in direction of Paris then Chartres.
The thought comes to my mind that this valley represents a life axe for me. indeed my father in the fifties took this direction after having disembarked in Marseille coming from Vietnam to meet his elderly brother Phuong who was waiting for him in Paris. Later on I met my wife Brigitte who is originated from Lyon and consequently we established our second family home in this town located along the Rhone ( first home had been located in Chartres).
I take a few pictures across the window of the train showing how green and luxurious and varied the French landscape can be. Around me people are genuinely conversing, writing on laptops or reading books. My seat’s neighbor just leaved to have a cup of cafe at the bar.

Later on:Chartres is approaching , the goal of my journey, pilgrimage to the place where I have been brought up. The fields of wheat are still green, the yellow would come later during the year in July .

Once I will be arrived at destination I’ll post the photographs taken through the window of the train on my Blog. The most magnificent of them being those including the cathedral of Chartres which welcome my arrival. By the way you can fulfill the form of this questionnaire(in French) to help a medical student to obtain his thesis addressing the commitments of medical practitioners in Blog









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